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October 2016
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In honor of Josh Kietz!
Brian Levine's Ironman Fundraiser

October 1st 2016

Josh and Brian

Sponsor Brian as he competes in Ironman Maryland  to raise funds for FD research & treatment in honor of his cousin, Josh.

Hi Everyone!

My name is Brian Levine and I'm competing in Ironman Maryland, a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike and 26.2 mile run, on October 1, 2016 to raise awareness and funds for the treatment and research of an exceedingly rare disease called familial dysautonomia (FD).

What Is FD?
FD is a complex and debilitating genetic disorder that affects every involuntary bodily function including breathing, blood pressure control, swallowing, and perception of pain and temperature. Because the population suffering from this disease is so small, the families and friends of people with FD are challenged to tirelessly raise funds to push treatment and research toward a cure.

Who Is Effected?
FD afflicts approximately 350 people worldwide, including my cousin Joshua Kietz. Josh is kind, funny, loving and a HUGE fan of the band KISS! However because of FD, Josh is forced to rely on the help of others to perform many every day functions that many of us take for granted.

Please take the time to get an idea of how inspiring and brave Josh and the other individuals effected by FD are by watching this short video:

Why Ironman?
I swim, bike and run to honor Josh Kietz, the other children diagnosed with FD, and the families that this disease has touched. To raise awareness for a disease that most people have never heard of before. To raise money for a foundation that can make a difference! Click here to sponsor me now.

Donate To Support Research and Treatment
The Dysautonomia Foundation was founded in 1951, shortly after the disease was first identified in the United States. The Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit public charity that funds the world’s only two FD treatment centers. As a result of the work of these centers, quality of life and life expectancy for people with FD has improved significantly.

Treatment is both supportive and preventative. The primary mission of the Foundation and treatment centers is providing medical care that leads to improved quality of life and increased life expectancy for patients with FD

Thank You!
Thank you SO much for your generous donation to support the Dysautonomia Foundation. It is with your love, support and generosity that we can continue to raise awareness for what FD is and raise funding to continue to research this disease in search for a cure!

With love,
Brian and Josh


Sponsor Brian in Ironman Maryland!