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Dysautonomia Foundation now has
POC (Portable Oxygen Concentrator) units
available for FD families.
Sequal Eclipse units deliver continuous supply of oxygen -- up to 3 LPM.

(Note: our article discussing airline policies, including a POC overview, has moved. You can find it here.

  Several months ago we let you know about changes to the way FD passengers could obtain onboard oxygen for air travel. While there are still behind-the-scenes discussions going on to try to require airlines to rent oxygen tanks for passengers, it is currently the patient's responsibility to make arrangements to bring a suitable POC (portable oxygen concentrator) unit on a domestic flight.

The Dysautonomia Foundation has recently obtained four Sequal Eclipse units for use by FD families. These deluxe units, with the ability to deliver continuous or pulse oxygen, can be borrowed from the Foundation for little or no cost.

There are certain requirements, however. First, you must produce a letter from a doctor indicating the need for oxygen and the flow rate required. You will be required to provide a credit card number and authorization to be used as a security deposit against damage or loss. There is a fee for shipping of the unit, unless you want to pick it up in NYC. And you will have to provide information about the flight you will be taking, including route and duration.
FD families interested in obtaining one of these units should contact the Dysautonomia Foundation to make arrangements. Priority will be given to patients who need the unit to make a visit to the Dysautonomia Center for treatment or research visits, but with four units on hand, we'll try to make them available to families travelling on vacation as well.

Arrangements for these POCs should be made well in advance of the time they will be needed in order to leave ample time for shipping and familiarization. The Foundation does not provide 24/7 customer support, so it is essential that families become familiar with operation before travelling.
If you plan on making arrangements for using one of our POCs, you will be required to complete and submit the following forms:
Physician's travel form
POC request and agreement form
Sequal Eclipse 3

POC unit

With cart and accessory case
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