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April 2014
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 Walk for FD!
Sunday, April 27, 2014

Walk for FD 2012
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Walk with us, and help us take steps to
improve quality of life and survival for those with FD

Join the Dysautonomia Foundation in the Fourth Annual Walk for FD, a seven-mile walk along the Hudson River to raise money for familial dysautonomia (FD) treatment and research.
FD is a Jewish-Ashkenazi disease; 1 in 27 Ashkenazic Jews are carriers. People with FD do not have proper control of their autonomic nervous system and are unable to control functions -- such as breathing, digesting, crying, and swallowing -- that the average person takes for granted. FD is rare but we are hoping that the money we raise at this walk can go a long way in helping those who struggle with the disease. By contributing to research that helps FD, patients obtain improved medical care and increased life expectancy. Our efforts can change the lives of those afflicted.
Participants in the FD walk will pay a $20 registration fee and then will each find sponsors to reach their personal fundraising goal (suggested goal is $100, minimum is $25). Friends can sponsor a walker on our website. There will be checkpoints along the 7 mile walk (starting at The NYU Bronfman Center for Jewish Life, 7 East 10th Street, and continuing north on the Hudson River Greenway along the West Side Highway to 59th St.). At check in, participants will receive a sweatshirt, water bottle and information about FD.
Sign up today to be a part of this meaningful and fun experience of raising money and awareness for such a devastating Jewish disease. For questions, information, or to sponsor this event, feel free to email us at info@famdys.org.  

Last year's event was fantastic! Help us make this year's event an even bigger success. Pictures from last year's event can be found on our Facebook albums: 2013 Walk for FD-1 and 2013 Walk for FD-2. Call or email the Dysautonomia Foundation with questions here.

  Route Map 2012
     2013 Walk for FD-1 and 2013 Walk for FD-2                     Route Details        

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The Dysautonomia Foundation

The Dysautonomia Foundation is a nonprofit organization supporting the best possible medical care
and scientific research for the benefit of people afflicted with FD. The Foundation also conducts social service
and public awareness programs for the benefit of the FD community and for those in the general population
who may be at risk for FD.