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Who We Are

The Familial Dysautonomia Foundation, Inc. was formed in 1951 by desperate parents searching for a way to help their children living with Familial Dysautonomia (FD). Today, the Foundation works for the benefit of all people afflicted with FD by supporting medical care and scientific research, as well as conducting social service and public awareness programs.


What We Do

We advocate for the FD Population.

The Familial Dysautonomia Foundation works with the medical community and the government to further the concerns of people with FD. We collaborate with the medical community to educate doctors about FD, and to encourage medical governing bodies to recognize the need to require doctors to inform patients about the existence and risk of FD.


We ensure those affected by FD receive life-saving medical care.*  

The Foundation continues to be the main source of funding for the world’s only FD treatment centers in New York and Israel. Learn more about FD Care.

We also provide access to vital medical care and equipment that alleviates the daily struggles of individuals living with this devastating disorder.


We fund ground-breaking research at hospitals and universities around the world.*

We fund research that improves quality of life and life expectancy for people with FD. Researchers are also making cutting-edge strides in the areas of genetic screening and testing in order to find a cure for FD.


We raise public awareness about Familial Dysautonomia.

The Familial Dysautonomia Foundation seeks to educate both affected families and the broader medical community about FD. We sponsor a variety of programs that include:

  • Hosting an annual symposium for FD families (FD Day),
  • Sponsoring medical conferences for doctors and scientists,
  • Publishing a comprehensive FD care handbook


*It is the FD Foundation’s policy to pay no indirect or overhead costs as part of grants or gifts made to support FD care or research.

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