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Sunday, December 6

12pm - 2pm EST

7pm - 9pm Israel

9am - 11am PST

11am - 1pm CST


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Your participation in this virtual concert BENEFITS THE FAMILIAL DYSAUTONOMIA FOUNDATION, supporting care, treatment and research for people affected by this RARE JEWISH GENETIC DISORDER.


We are pleased to partner on Jewish genetic testing with 


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We are pleased to recognize our UniFieD Sponsors

 Presenting Sponsor - $18,000


 Lead Guitar Sponsor - $10,000

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 Keyboard Sponsor - $5,400

            * Freddie & Eddie Baranoff / Audrey & Steve Shalom


 Percussion Sponsor - $3,600


 Brass Section Sponsor - $1,800

            * Tova and Howard Weiser

            * A Friend

            * Creating Memory

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