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Join the FD Foundation for a virtual benefit concert, featuring popular Jewish musical performers/groups, on

Sunday, December 6

12pm - 2pm EST

7pm - 9pm Israel

9am - 11am PST

11am - 1pm CST


While raising funds and awareness for familial dysautonomia (FD), an ultra-rare Jewish genetic disorder affecting the autonomic and sensory nervous systems, you'll hear incredible music from:

The event is being spearheaded by the father of Rafael, the newest baby known to be born with FD.  Rafi’s dad wants to be sure all those at risk for FD (people of Ashkenazic Jewish descent) are urged to learn their carrier status; additionally, he is encouraged by research currently underway, and hopes to raise funds to support this important work that could mean a longer and healthier life for his son and all others affected by familial dysautonomia.


Your support helps the Foundation fund critical medical care and research, which could mean longer and healthier lives for those affected by FD - like Rafi.



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