Dear Friends,

The FD Annual Journal is a treasured tradition, dating back to 1955. Although our FD community reaches far and wide, we come together each year within the pages of the Journal to honor special people in our lives and to remember those who are no longer with us. This year, the Journal will include a special "Violet" Section, honoring Dr. Horacio Kaufmann's first decade as Director of the NYU Dysautonomia Center. We invite you to add a Violet Page in tribute to Dr. Kaufmann and his tremendous dedication to all those affected by FD. Please join us by contributing to the 2019 Journal. Your gift will fund the Foundation's important work:

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  • Ensuring that those living with FD have access to the best medical care;
  • Funding cutting-edge research into FD and the FD gene;
  • Offering support to families caring for a loved one with FD;
  • Educating the Jewish community about FD and genetic testing.


To reserve your page, please mail in a completed form or visit our website by January 15, 2019.

Thank you for your support!

Lanie Etkind 
Executive Director

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Incredible teenagers and adults with FD tell us what it's like to face the challenge of living with familial dysautonomia. 

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